Summer Trend | Denim & Paisley

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Last April, I attended a bloggers' breakfast hosted by Yours Middle East in Dubai.
It was a fun experience meeting the other plus size bloggers living here. Some of them I knew and followed but had never met in person. These kind of events are a great way to create that sense of community and I hope there will be more of them in the near future. Women empowering women.
After a delicious meal, a shopping session was on the menu!
Here are the two pieces I picked out that day.
I have been wanting a short well-fitted - not bulky nor baggy - denim jacket for a while now and this one from Yours ME fulfilled that wish. I think you all know by now how much I love casual outfits.
Fool-proof! It is where I find myself. To put in simpler terms, it is my comfort zone.
Although I like breaking from it every now and then, by trying new styles and wearing things I don't normally wear, the casual look is always my best friend.

My second pick was this beautiful light paisley maxi dress. I fell in love with the fit, the print and how flowy it is. It is actually a sleeveless dress and I know that a lot of plus size women don't like to show their arms much. This denim jacket is a good option if you wish to cover. You can always just throw it over your shoulders instead, to turn into a more street-style look.
Another item on my wishlist was platform sandals, but none of those high-heels ones. I was really fond of the one-level platforms. They look so trendy and comfortable. Lately, I have been a big fan of Call it Spring. Their collections seem to collide with my style. I previously bought slip-on sneakers, standard sneakers, flats and my famous peep-toe booties (which I got in two colors, because they were so comfy!) This time I was looking for platform sandals and I found exactly what I had in mind.

Overall, it is definitely a cute, fun and comfortable daytime outfit that you can all rock!
Check out my shopping guide in Dubai to find your nearest Yours Middle East store.
Plus, there are definitely some beautiful key pieces in their new summer collection and you can also find your everyday basics. That's what I love about this brand: one destination with many choices.

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