Over the Rainbow

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I have been stalking some graffiti walls in Dubai, keeping them in mind for potential outfit shoots. Colorful backgrounds to complement simple looks! Last weekend, I decided to drag my hubby and our 6 year old to BOXPARK, which is a really hip cool urban setting for shopping and dining.

Despite the humidity, we went to check out this enchanting 'rainbow of oblivious clouds' - a wall done by artist myne and yours.  It instantly spoke to me. I already had a clear picture in mind.
Not only that, it also made me think about Ahmad, about autism, about the understanding of the autism spectrum. My little man is my biggest fan when it comes to my blog. He loves how we go take pictures with his daddy behind the lens. He sometimes imitates him too.

As for my outfit, it is pretty simple and casual. I fell in love with this long embroidered shirt from Redtag. To be honest picking it up was a no-brainer! The floral embroidery is so beautiful.
The pink bag is also from Redtag and it goes perfectly with everything. I found myself standing between the blues and pinks, just like my outfit colors. These clouds have a certain charm and the array of colors will make you want to take pictures in every section. Color obsession!

A perfect weekend outfit with the boys! We struggled with the humidity a bit but we enjoyed our stroll and Ahmad got the chance to let out some energy.
I can't wait for the weather to get a little cooler so we can enjoy our walks there again.

Although we usually have to keep Ahmad entertained - and close by - while we take the photos, this time he was taking his own photos, marveling at the rainbow of clouds. We even managed to take a photo of him next to his shade - purple - in correlation with his outfit. Seeing him standing there, made me think about how this visual background was so relevant. It got me thinking about the reason why we say "autism spectrum".

It was funny when me and my husband asked him to smile, he pinched his cheek to make it look like a smile. He does naturally smile when he is happy. But when he was asked to do so, he felt the urge to create that curve, putting effort into it. Following instructions is sometimes a field where kids with autism could struggle.

Instead of imagining the autism spectrum like a scale, think of it like a spectrum of colors, like a rainbow. The spectrum consists of many different traits or ways in which the brain processes information. Each person with autism has strengths and weaknesses in the various areas that helps us through our day-to-day life. It is like using an eyedropper tool to choose a color on Photoshop: not one color is similar to the other. Same with autism, the combination is limitless, that's why there is no such thing as "a little autistic" or "too autistic".

Bless our children. Our main purpose as parents is to show them the way and let them soar.
Give them various platforms where they can reveal their essence, their calling and thrive!

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